Topcar Unleashes Mansory Gun Metal G65 Amg


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TopCar Unleashes Mansory Gun Metal G65 AMG
Mercedes-Benz AMG Mansory TopCar SUV Styling
The high-performance G-Wagon’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 has been wisely left well alone.
Russian tuner TopCar has revealed its latest aftermarket program for the Mercedes G65 AMG focusing purely on cosmetics. Turning to Mansory to restyle the body, the G65 AMG receives a carbon-fiber front spoiler with redesigned air intakes, a new front grille and ventilated hood. Other changes of note include new side vents, a Mansory wheel cover, additional LEDs, tinted windows and a set of matte grey alloys courtesy of ADV.1 Wheels. Finishing the new look is a gunmetal grey body color with touches of clear carbon.
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More Than 500,000 People Flee As Cyclone Phailin Hits India


The U.S. has said it wants to reach a deal to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan by the end of October. The topic is the subject of talks in Kabul, where Secretary of State John Kerry is in prolonged discussions with President Hamid Karzai.

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Cyclone Phailin is bearing down on India’s coast in the Bay of Bengal, where more than 500,000 people have evacuated vulnerable areas along the coast. Phailin is expected to bring winds of more than 130 mph when it strikes.

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Learning By Error–or, How To Make Hay When Things Go Hay-wire

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Most companies are sitting on valuable information that either they fail to use or don’t realize they have in the first place. One of the most valuable strains of this dark data are mistakes that well-meaning employees make in pursuit of innovation. Usually, your employees will quickly sweep the story of their mistake under the rug to minimize reputational damage. That can be an enormous missed opportunity. As the boss, you want to bring these dark data into the light so that your company can beneft from their silver linings. Some ideas on how to do that: Create a mistake bank.
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How to Incubate a Company From Start to Finish

Don’t be blinded by early adopters. You still have a lot of work to do to overcome the power of the status quo. Forget about the competitor who undercuts your prices and releases products more quickly. Your first, most formidable foe is the status quo, argues entrepreneur Rajesh Setty. Status quo “is for your prospect or your target audience to do nothing or continue to do what they are doing without being touched by what you are offering,” Setty, the co-founder of WittyParrot , writes on his blog .
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Status Quo: Your Most Powerful Competitor

It was just a better way of doing business. Since working at Google, both had moved on to senior roles at great companies where they were personally and professionally satisfied. Neither had the time to start a new company in addition to their day jobs, but both of them saw a real opportunity. Start-up companies, freelancers, and most people participating in the collaborative economy needed basic legal documents like NDAs, loan agreements, consulting agreements, and bills of sale.
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Existing Home Sales In August: 5.48 Million Saar, 4.9 Months Of Supply

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The NAR reports: August Existing-Home Sales Rise, Limited Inventory Continues to Push Prices Total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 1.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.48 million in August from 5.39 million in July, and are 13.2 percent higher than the 4.84 million-unit level in August 2012. Total housing inventory at the end of August increased 0.4 percent to 2.25 million existing homes available for sale, which represents a 4.9-month supply at the current sales pace, down from a 5.0-month supply in July. Unsold inventory is 6.3 percent below a year ago, when there was a 6.0-month supply. Click on graph for larger image. This graph shows existing home sales, on a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) basis since 1993. Sales in August 2013 (5.48 million SAAR) were 1.7% higher than last month, and were 13.2% above the August 2012 rate. The second graph shows nationwide inventory for existing homes. According to the NAR, inventory increased to 2.25 million in August up from 2.24 million in July.   Inventory is not seasonally adjusted, and inventory usually increases from the seasonal lows in December and January, and peaks in mid-to-late summer. The third graph shows the year-over-year (YoY) change in reported existing home inventory and months-of-supply. Since inventory is not seasonally adjusted, it really helps to look at the YoY change. Note: Months-of-supply is based on the seasonally adjusted sales and not seasonally adjusted inventory.
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I Really Hate Posting Stuff Like This…


Back to school already?! Yep, it seems so. The giveaway is going on at Bento USA / All Things For Sale . Whether you’re contemplating getting into bento making for yourself or your kids, and they have a number of prizes of useful and/or cute bento goods.
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I really hate posting stuff like this… 7 Jun 2013 by maki …because let’s face it, it’s lame! But the reconstruction of the site is taking a lot longer than planned. But, it will be back as soon as possible – hopefully much improved!
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Returning To Sicily

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I cannot thank them all enough for having traveled to Sicily to spend that week with us. I want to show you glimpses of what we did. Where we were. I want to show you some of the landscapes we saw. The foods we cooked, styled, and ate. The walks and excursions we took.
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I like that I am able to create recipes using my favorite foods. In these two past issues (August 2013; October 2013), the food column tells you about arugula, and beets. Green and red. Both amazing colors and ingredients to style and photograph, I thought. While Angela Mears shares insights about both vegetables, I share four recipes: an Arugula Pesto; an Arugula Salad, Beet chips, and a Beet risotto. I hope they make you hungry.
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Opinion: So, What’s It Going To Be? (by Bashar al-Assad)

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Report: Now Sadly The Best Time In American History To Be Black
BOSTON—Despite rampant cultural racism against African Americans in all aspects of American life, discriminatory voting laws, and a vast gap in educational opportunities, there has, sadly, never been a better time than 2013 to be black in America, a Tufts University study revealed Wednesday. “We found that it’s pretty heartbreaking that blacks today are much better off than they’ve ever been, especially because we still live in a country where racial equality remains more of an ideal than a reality,” the study’s lead author Dr. Sam Porter said in regards to the report, which noted that, unfortunately, African Americans have never had it better despite the fact that incarceration rates for blacks are nearly six times that of whites and only 42 percent of black students who enter high school will graduate. “If you don’t think about how—five decades after Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech—it’s perfectly legal in many parts of the country for police to detain and question a person just because he’s black, the findings are not as depressing. But then you do think about that, and then you realize it’s pretty pitiful that what blacks are going through right now in America could be considered a veritable heyday.” The study went on to point out that, on an optimistic note, at least black people aren’t worse off in 2013 than the nation’s women, who are just as fucked now as they’ve ever been.

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In fact, boy, maybe this is the one option that should be totally off the table. Oh, and speaking of me being toppled from power, let’s say, just for fun, that tomorrow I were to somehow be dethroned. Who’s in charge? Half of these rebel groups refuse to work with one another and it’s getting harder to tell which ones are actually just Islamic extremists looking to fill a potential power vacuum. We’ve got Christians, Sunnis, and Shias all poised to fight one another for control should I fall.
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